Operational Diligence and Transformation for Private Equity Portfolio Companies

However most factories don’t have the needed foundational elements to transform.
Without firm foundations – any improvement built will quickly tumble, so its important to figure out before you purchase the asset whether it has the potential for quick improvement or whether it will take a long time.
It can make the difference between a good deal and a bad one!

But manufacturing assets are complicated – there is a lot more to them than what you can see on a spreadsheet or appears in an ERP system. In many deal situations you don’t have enough time to build a full transformation plan prior to the transaction.
What’s needed is an on the ground assessment from experienced change agent. Someone who’s done many factory transformations and can use pattern recognition in the context of a clear framework to figure out how much improvement potential exists, how long it will take to get and whether its worth it.

“I’m an experienced due diligence operational worker”

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″Helped increase output by 40% in top 20 US primary production facility″

″Reduced product development cycle time by 95% at a blue chip US chip maker″

″Shrunk manufacturing lead time by 65% at Philippine semiconductor A&T facility″

″Conducted multiple strategic due diligence studies for a top 10 private equity firm″

″Facilitated $100M 1 week improvement blitz at the manufacturing facility of a top 3 US chip maker″

″Conducted multiple operational due diligence studies for a top 10 private equity firm″

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